Bio-Active Skincare

PHYT’S products are defined as BIO-Active skincare. BIO-Active means that, aside for the absence of chemicals and pollutants used in the raw ingredients (pesticides, chemical fertilisers, GMO, CMR) which over time can accumulate in the body, the product contains a significant amount of active ingredients, which generate unbelievable results you can feel and see.

  • Not tested on animals or contain any animal products (except bee’s wax)
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • No parabens or sulfates
  • No PEG’s
  • No phenoxyethanol
  • No Mineral oil
  • No Preservatives, petrochemicals or stabilisers
  • All retail and professional in-spa treatment products are made from recycled packaging and are recyclable

Professional Treatments

With a passion for a Natural approach to beauty, PHYT’S Laboratories has been creating world class therapeutic Spa Treatments since 1972.

Certified Organic Facial Treatments; to restore, renew and refresh your skin naturally.

Certified Organic Body Treatments; a holistic, luxurious spa experience for the body, mind and soul.

Phyt’s in-salon treatments are prepared in single-use glass ampoules which guarantee a high grade, well-preserved and high potency product – in every treatment. Our PHYT’S therapist’s are specially trained in our PHYT’S treatment application techniques for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Discover our world of PHYT’S Professional treatments. 

Certified Organic - Cosembio

PHYT’S is a pioneer in organic skincare and using the highest quality, sustainable raw materials since 1972. With over 46 years of passion and innovation, PHYT’S is certified COSEMBIO by QUALITE FRANCE – the Certifying Agency, recognised by the French Government and holding the strictest standards in organic certification.

These stringent quality standards guarantee natural cosmetics which only contain ingredients from organic and sustainable farms, with complete traceability of all the cosmetic raw materials and their manufacturing process. The COSEMBIO label is designed to protect both the consumer’s wellbeing and promote environmental sustainability at every stage if the manufacturing process.

PHYT’S is a world leader of Certified Organic Skincare, with every product, both for in-spa use and for the retail consumer holds the COSMEBIO Label which guarantees a Certified Organic Cosmetics.


The story begins in 1972. Biologist and naturopath Jean Paul Llopart joined forces with beautician Rosanne Verlé to create Phytal, a natural cosmetics brand designed for beauty therapists.

They laid the foundations for Naturo-Esthétique®, a concept inspired by their revolutionary approach in which beauty is inseparable from overall health and ecology. Over the years, they developed innovative and effective products and methods (professional treatments packaged in ampoules, Gommage Contact+, anti-ageing Prelude 108, etc.) formulated without synthetic preservatives. Integrated into Laboratoires Jérodia in 2004, a group specialising in ‘natural beauty and health’, the brand took on a new dimension and became PHYT’S.

PHYT’S aims to stay true to its origins and values:

  • wellness
  • effectiveness
  • respectful of both people and the environment
  • privileged partnership with beauty professionals
  • safety

Today PHYT’S priorities are still the same: to offer certified organic cosmetics formulated with ingredients of natural origin, and professional treatments based on technical know-how and effectiveness to meet the needs of beauty therapists.

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Organic Cosmetics Online

PHYT’S offers and extended range of products to suit everyone. To choose PHYT’S is to choose a unique brand that aims to:

  • take part in building awareness about the certain practices that allow our societies to return to a state of harmony with the environment
  • bring meaning and responsibility to our day-to-day life
  • share a commitment for a better world and respect for our planet

To date, thousands of beauty therapists in France and around the world trust PHYT’S. PHYT’S has been producing the best quality organic cosmetics in Australia since 1972. By swapping out synthetic ingredients with premium-quality organic ingredients, we’ve managed to create some of the most sought-after beauty products and cosmetics on the market. When compared with non-organic cosmetics, our products have a range of health benefits that can ensure your skin stays in its best condition. Our organic products can help improve your health and wellbeing through a variety of different means as organic products are better at nourishing and caring for your skin. Some of the benefits of using our organic beauty products include:

  • Quality Skincare. Non-organic beauty products tend to be incredibly heavy on the skin – which can clog your pores – and the harmful chemicals in these products can increase the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of your skin.Organic beauty cosmetics are much lighter and balance the pH level of your skin much more effectively than non-organic products, therefore allowing your skin to breathe and prevent pores from blocking.
  • Natural Ingredients. Natural ingredients can help make your skin glow, feel softer and more supple as the vitamins and other healthy ingredients help restore the balance in your body.

There are many other benefits that can be enjoyed when making the switch to using the best natural cosmetics that are specifically suited to your skin type and requirements.  


As well as providing a range of superior-quality organic cosmetics we have a vast level of experience in the beauty industry. This experience is what has enabled us to become one of Australia’s most trusted names when it comes to the best organic cosmetics for all skin types. Many of our clients continuously choose us for the following reasons:

  • Over 40 Years of Experience. We have been trading within the natural cosmetics industry since 1972 and it has taught us many things about our client’s needs as well as what we need to do to improve our products. When you shop with us we can guarantee you’ll notice the 40 years of expertise that has been packaged in each and every product you receive from us.
  • Certified Organic Ingredients. All the ingredients we use have been checked and tested to ensure we’re using completely natural products.
  • Created by Experts. Jean Paul Llopart and Rosanne Verle were the original owners of our company and they were both extremely successful in their independent fields. Their knowledge of biology and the beauty industry allowed them to create the amazing products you see today.

The detailing and science behind our products makes us one of the most reliable and trusted providers of organic cosmetics onlineand our many years of experience and dedication to providing exceptional products means we will be continuing to make amazing natural beauty products for our customers for years to come.


We believe that one of the reasons that made us one of the best organic cosmetics brands was our commitment and dedication to creating harmony between our company, our society and the world we live in. As a company we wish to achieve certain goals to help us bring about this unity. These include:

  • Raising Awareness for the Environment. Through our beauty range, we wanted to raise awareness of the dire state our environment is in and show people there is a way to live with the luxuries of a modern society and still create harmony between our planet and ourselves.
  • Sharing the Commitment. As a company, we want to do more than complete a few token gestures to help save our planet. We understand our responsibility to the environment and we take conscious and decisive steps to improving our procedures and practices in all lines of production.

As one of the most trusted natural cosmetics brands in the country, we’d love for you to try out our products for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed! Visit our online store today for the finest organic makeup products including organic mascaraorganic foundation & Natural Skin Care Products.

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