Benefit your customers

  • Uni-dose glass ampoules

    Phyt’s in-salon treatments are prepared in uni-dose glass ampoules that come in a recyclable blister pack. This guarantees excellent product preservation, total hygiene and personalised selection, whilst facilitating treatment preparation and stock control.

  • Easy to use treatment packs

    The Naturo-Beautician selects the relevant blister pack containing the targeted treatment, and whisks her client off for a one to one and a half hour session of pure bliss.

  • Uplifting treatments

    Extreme ease of use, treatments are uplifting and ‘feel good’ for the therapist as much as for the client receiving the facial.

  • Multi dimentional Training

    Multi dimensional training (product knowledge, personal and business development coaching or mentoring, industry education)

  • Product address current market concerns

    Opportunity to stand-out from the crowd with time tested products that are addressing the changing market demand:

    • Not tested on animals
    • No synthetic ingredients, parabens or sulfates
    • No PEG’s, phenoxyethanol or Mineral oil
    • No Preservatives, petrochemicals or stabilisers
    • Sustainable packaging – all retail and professional in-spa treatment products are made from recycled packaging and are recyclable

Benefit your business

  • Connecting with professionalism and vision

    This represents the core values of our business and our commitment to you. In simple terms it means we’re committed to building strong relationships with our business partners, and sharing the responsibility of delivering results-driven outcomes to their customers.

  • We Support you

    Technical, promotional, advertising, marketing and business support.

  • Educational support & Training

    We will send our trainer to your salon whenever you need to train the new team member, refresh your and your therapist knowledge or help you to maximise your retail potentials.

  • Quick and efficient process of orders

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In a crowded skincare and cosmetics market, we provide treatments solution for the most quality demanding beauty salons, day-spa and wellness retreats in the world.

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In 2018 PHYT’S will be celebrating its 45th anniversary. Today, the brand is considered one of the greatest achievements in natural and organic cosmetics in France. The choice to go green was not influenced by the global movement we are witnessing today but goes back to the very origin of the brand.

In 1972 Jean-Paul Llopart, a naturopath and biologist, and Rosanne Verl?, a beautician, created Phyt’s – then called Phytal – born from a dream and vision of developing a skincare range made entirely with natural ingredients and without the use of any preservatives. It was an extremely innovative approach at the time.

From the onset, the brand wanted to focus and support forward-thinking Beauty Institutes, and thus they laid the foundations of what Jean-Paul Llopart coined “Naturo-Esthetique®”a concept that is now well implanted in Europe and recently being introduced to Australian Aestheticians. Phyt’s creators were market innovators and early adopters of emerging technologies that moved their vision from dream to reality, both in product development but also in packaging. The need to innovate in packaging came from the necessity to protect the formulations from bacterial contaminants and the external environment.

Phyt’s introduced single use packaging in the form of disposable glass ampoules. In 1974, a patent was even filed for the conditioning in ampoules of pasty or semi-thick skin care products (masks). In the 1990s, Phyt’s Laboratories turned to multilayered Polyfoil for all its tubes, a perfectly waterproof material that protects all creams from external contaminants.

To this day, Phyt’s cosmetics are perfectly preserved before opening and maintain their freshness and purity up to three months after opening (during which time the product is used). This unique packaging is an integral part of what makes the brand so appealing and cost effective for spa that have very high turnover (for stock control and because single-used dose limits product being wasted or contaminated) and also with day-spa, beauty salons and mobile therapists.

Actually, PHYTS is a dream for mobile therapists, a growing profession in our fast-changing market place where so many individuals and professionals demand personaliSed services in the comfort of their home, workplace or accommodations when travelling. This choice for natural materials and sustainable practices, at all level of manufacturing and encompassing the finished product, is at the heart of the brand identity.

In 2002, the need to maintain integrity and transparency in manufacturing standards led Jean-Paul Llopart and others natural cosmetics precursors to partner for the creation of the Cosmebio Charter, a true certification in the field of natural and organic cosmetics. The Cosmebio Charter is what it says it is: a chart that defines 1- what makes a cosmetic (as opposed to a food) 2- what makes that cosmetic a natural cosmetic (compared to traditional cosmetics) and 3 – how much of the total content needs to come from ingredients grown and harvested under organic farming principles to allow a natural product to be called an organic skincare product.

Today, the brand is owned by the Jerodia Group whom acquired the brand in 2004. The J?rodia Group also owns the beauty academy and beauty institute Fran?oise Morice (very established, high market institute on the Champs Elysees) that trains every year 500 beauticians to national vocational qualifications (CAP, BP and BTS) in Paris.

Some subsidiaries of the academy were also opened in Aix-en-Provence, in southern France, and Osaka, Japan. Other openings are under discussion in India and Malaysia and one is opening soon right here in Australia, in the heart of Sydney.

Today the PHYT’S brand is present in more than 3,000 outlets in France. We are the leading brand in this market segment in terms of distribution.

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