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Chemical Drift, Airborne Pollution and Your Skin

In our current context, we are witnessing the resurgence of chemical sprays used in our living environment and daily. When chemicals are used in that way, droplets are produced that can remain suspended in air and can often be carried by wind away from the target area. This is known as ‘spray drift’. In an […]

Skin and the Microbiome

We typically think of skin only as it relates to beauty — but it’s actually essential to our overall health, too. After all, it’s the largest organ in the body and the primary interface between us and pretty much everything outside of us. Our skin is also home to a vast array of microbes, and […]

Meet Phyt’s – Travelling with Organic Cosmetics

Skincare has evolved more in the past ten years than it has in over a hundred years. Women just like you from all around the world are becoming more and more aware of the real dangers of big-brand skincare products, packed with junk you can’t pronounce, and your body can’t process. Unfortunately, millions of women […]

How Important Are Facials To Maintaining Healthy And Vibrant Skin

It is said that you should get a facial once every month. This regime is important if you wish to maintain a fresh, natural, healthy looking skin. If you feel lazy in conducting the entire process of facial, you can always go to a spa or beauty salon and have a relaxing facial done. It […]

The Link Between Internet Marketing and Your Success In Business

In times of today when you talk about achieving success in your business, it is imperative to understand that internet marketing is the key to achieving success. To market and promote your product or service, you need the strength and support of internet marketing. If you are considering about venturing in a new sort of […]