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SOS Dry Lips!

The cold dry winter season always sees an increase in chapped lips. This is because your lips do not have oil glands, so they’re almost always exposed to the elements. People have chapped lips throughout the year, but in winter, dry air indoors, wind and cold weather outside contribute to worsening conditions and chapped lips […]

Anti-Pollution Reviderm to the rescue of urban skin

Today, the consequences of urban air pollution on skin health are increasingly recognised. Fine particles from exhaust gases and other pollutants penetrate the pores of the epidermis and cause allergies and heightened sensitivity. Unfortunately, exhaust gases only represent part of the problem: ground-level ozone, nitrogen oxides from cars, sulphur oxide and lead from industrial waste […]

How to keep your skin healthy when wearing a protective mask?

Skin redness for some, pimples or pressure ulcers for others… These are some of the issues that can appear as the result of wearing a protective face mask for long periods. Our skin is not used to being covered for an extended period. The reactions are often the same: redness, especially on the cheekbones, and […]

The best treatments for your hands

Your hands tell a story and like all stories, they can reveal much about who you are, what you do, how healthy you are and of course, how old you are. Anatomically, your hands are the first thing people notice (through waving, a handshake) after your facial features. When it comes to our face, our […]

Best exfoliants to prepare your skin for winter

Autumn brings different colours to our life; the temperature becomes colder, the days grow shorter, and everything in nature seems to slow down. The most visible and universal sign that winter is upon us is that trees shed their leaves. Skin is a biological system and its rhythm follows the seasons. Where most people find […]

Phyt’s Multi-Vita Firming & Tensing Serum

A FEW FACTS ON SKIN AGEING  A fact of life we can hardly ignore is that until science and technology allow us to do otherwise, as we grow older biologically so does the part of us most visible to the external world: our skin. As we move through time, our skin loses the vitality, energy […]

Phyt’s Treatment for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are quite a challenge to treat as they are a form of scar tissue. They occur when skin is abnormally stretched and expanded quicker than normal. When this happens, collagen and elastin fibres which are part of the skin’s support structure, break down or rupture, leaving “tears” in the dermis (the middle layer) […]

Phyt’s Panacée for Mothers Day

This Mothers’ day will be very different from others. For those who might have become overnight teachers of home-schooled kids as well as working from home, celebrations will go ahead almost as normal. For others with mothers living in a different state, this day of celebration might trigger a more acute sense of separation. In […]

Which face cleanser is best for you?

Which face cleanser is the best for you? Removing makeup, dirt, and grime from the day might not seem to be the most significant step in a skin-care routine, but it is actually the most important. Facial cleansing is not ‘just’ about removing particles from the skin, it is about preparing it for the products […]

One skin care product we tend to forget

Facial masks play an important role in the management of your skin. They are designed to complement the products you use daily, especially if your skin does not feel at its best.   Masks can be used as an instant pick-up before going out or for targeted benefits since they are formulated with skin types in […]