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Avocado Oil: Nature’s most ancient health and beauty secret

There’s more to dark green, lumpy avocado than meets the eye. Well-known to ancient civilisations, this wonder fruit offers nutrition, health and beauty benefits wrapped up in one neat green package. Avocado (Persea Americana or gratissima), also known as alligator pear, is believed to have originated in southern Mexico, although fossil evidence suggests similar species […]

8 Ingredients that could be problematic for your skin

Raw egg Used as a skin tensor in home-made cosmetic treatments. BUT: Applied directly to the skin, a raw egg may contain salmonella. These bacteria could cause a skin infection later. It’s rare but not impossible. Lemon Well known for its brightening effect on the skin or to treat acne. BUT: This fruit is acidic […]

Give your feet the care they need

Most of us have a skincare regimen for our faces, but we often forget about our hands and feet. Last week, we looked at how to keep your hands youthful, and this week we will focus on how to give your feet the special attention they deserve. Your feet… a subject in itself. Would it […]

Why you should use hand cream

Most of us have a skincare regimen for our faces, but we often forget about our hands. Our hands have been through a rough year of constant washing and lots of alcohol-based sanitisers, and considering the work they do each day, it’s no wonder they seem to age faster than the rest of our bodies. […]

Is it truly sensitive skin?

Many people visit their beauty therapist, stating sensitive skin as their main skin concern. They think they have sensitive skin because skincare or household products coming into contact with their skin cause stinging, burning, itchiness, redness, or tightness. But is that truly “sensitive” skin these individuals refer to, or could it be their skin just […]

PHYT’S Body Moisturisers

The winter season is here, and dry skin is back. You are taking good care of your face and have gone back to your hydrating masks and protective moisturisers, but have you thought about taking care of your body? Just because most of your body is protected by layers upon layers of clothing does not […]

Understanding the Properties of Evening Primrose

Apart from having a wonderfully evocative name, Primrose Seed Oil (Oenothera Biennis) is a humble oil that has become a staple of cosmetics because of its various beneficial properties on health and wellbeing. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose flower, a very dainty yellow flower in spring and summer. General […]

Silicon Vs. Silicone – Which one is best for your skin?

You have probably found one of these two compounds listed as an active ingredient in skin and hair products; both are beneficial and have a wide range of applications, but one might hamper your skin health in the long run. Which one? But first, what is silicon and silicone? Are they even different? What exactly […]

How to get a radiant glowing skin?

Getting skin that looks as if you were fresh off a holiday involves time and practice – and it starts with taking the time to care for your skin with a daily routine.  During the day, when you are outside, it is inevitable that your skin is exposed to external aggressions such as air pollution, […]

Do men need facials?

If you were asked, you would probably say facial treatments are luxuries that suit only women. We hate to break it to you, but that opinion is amiss, and here is why: Facials are multi-step skin treatments designed to prevent premature skin ageing or treat skin conditions such as sensitivity, dryness, oiliness, acne, etc. How […]

The mighty power of marine ingredients in skincare products

Seaweeds and algae are major organisms in the aquatic ecosystem. Although commonly interchanged, these two may be similar in some ways but have major differences. Algae are chlorophyll-containing organisms commonly found in marine and freshwater habitats. They are the most primitive organisms on earth, with fossils, dating back to three billion years. They can be macroscopic […]

7 Fruits That Will Complement Your Skincare Routine

Beyond your skincare products and routine, what you eat also affects your skin – and overall health. So, to get a wholesome result from your therapies and time, it is best that you make the most of nutrition. For that reason, we have itemised 7 fruits containing essential nutrients that will further improve your skin. […]


Acne is a skin condition that has been experienced by countless generations with seemingly countless approaches to its treatment. Why try ancient poultices or harsh detergent-like cleansers when there is now a holistic approach to acne treatments that not only clears the skin but improves overall skin health. It is important to note that acne […]

Aromaclear Exfoliating & Purifying Mask to win the battle with large pores and shiny skin…

Products made with charcoal are popping everywhere, and it is no surprise. Charcoal is an efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable ingredient. It is the best ally of skin affected by large pores and excessive shine. Charcoal is not just a trend Although cosmetics manufacturers seem to have discovered this ingredient, it’s important to remember that […]

Nut oils

Most of us know that nuts as food are healthy to add to our diets. In the cosmetic industry, we now see many oils extracted from nuts appearing in skin care formulas. In recent years, products containing active ingredients extracted from nuts have become, at times, controversial due to the possibility of allergies. Individuals who […]

13 Micro Habits for Happy and Healthy Skin

Not enough time for a full-scale routine? You can adopt micro-habits that take very little time each day and are easily doable for a healthy skin. Taken individually, none of them will trigger an instant wow factor, but practiced in the context of other activities, these micro-habits will help your skin dealing with daily stressors […]

Sunscreen – Why you should avoid Octocrylene

Sunscreen – Why you should avoid Octocrylene It has been recently shown that Octocrylene, a UV filter found in sun protection products and anti ageing products, evolves into a harmful component once the products are open. Octocrylene was previously accused of being harmful to marine life, especially corals. Some manufacturers have consequently withdrawn it from […]

“Made in France” – Why is this label still so attractive?

In the beauty industry, the label “Made in France” evokes quality, efficiency, and trust. Why is that so?  In the world of fashion, beauty and cosmetics, the label “Made in France” conjures glamour, elegance, and sophistication. But the attraction for French skincare goes further than that. It’s about centuries-old wisdom in selecting ingredients, blending know-how, […]

Ampoules: small in size, big on results!

Glass ampoules are the star packaging of professional products used in Phyt’s facial treatments. Ampoules (sometimes called phials) are small sealed glass (or plastic) containers, mostly used to protect liquid or solution from air and contaminants in pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic industries. Usually, ampoules carry around 2 to 5 ml of product. Traditionally, they […]

How to get that perfect pout?

The skin on our lips (in the redder area) is much thinner than the skin on the other parts of our body (in that redder part of the lips, the skin is made up of three to five cellular layers, compared to the skin on the rest of the face which is typically arranged in […]