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PHYT’S Anti-Wrinkles Firming Mask

Skin aging is a complex mechanism involving two simultaneously occurring processes: intrinsic ageing known as chronological aging and which is genetically determined, and extrinsic aging which is due to environmental factors such as chronic sun exposure, known as photo-aging. Chronologically aged and photoaged skin share important molecular features, including decreasing collagen and elastin production and […]

Two very delicate areas of your face

Our eyes require special attention to maintain a more youthful appearance.  The skin around your eyes is much thinner than on other parts of your face and is therefore more sensitive to lifestyle stress and prone to premature ageing. Fine lines and wrinkles in this area are the first to appear, caused by our facial […]

simple summer routine for dehydrated skin

Summer is notorious for leaving skin feeling dehydrated and dry following constant exposure to our harsh Australian climate. Despite all the fun that summer brings into our lives, it is not the best of time for our skin. With a little preparation, it is possible to complete a simple, highly effective summer beauty routine using […]

How to choose the right anti-ageing product for your skin?

Each generation has its beliefs and preferences in the way they care for their skin to maintain a youthful and healthy appearance.  Today, we can delay the appearance of the visible signs of ageing much longer and much more effectively than our grandmothers were able to. However, it’s essential to take into account a few […]

Just like your face, your body skin needs water and oil to stay supple, smooth and glowing. Dehydration and dryness will often compromise your skin natural defences leaving it open to more problems. You need to supply your skin with water to rehydrate it and oil to keep the moisture in. You can choose to […]

Why use hand cream?

A few facts about the skin on the back of your hands: it is very thin it has hardly any fatty tissue there are fewer sebaceous glands than on other parts of you body  Sebaceous glands produce sebum (an oily substance) that provides lipids to the skin and helps keeping it moisturised by binding with […]

Natural Vit E – The magic want in your pro-ageing tool kit

Although vitamin E is frequently used and has been around a long time, it is interesting to know how it benefits the skin. The first step is to understand the difference between the natural form of Vit E and it’s synthetic counterpart. Both are used in cosmetics and nutritional supplements but, just because they appear […]

Phyt’s chose hydrolates as skin toners.  Hydrolates are botanical distillates that carry the properties of the plant materials used to manufacture them. To understand why they make great skin toners, we need to look at the extraction process of essential oils: steam distillation. Here’s how it is done: you take a large quantity of, say […]

After-Sun Comfort Body Cream

The weather is warming up, spring and summer are around the corner and there is nothing more attractive than a trip to the beach and a few hours enjoying the sun particularly at this time when restrictions are lifting up and we can renew with a sense of healthy freedom many of us crave after […]

Phytonagre for menopausal skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It acts as a physical barrier between us and the environment, protecting internal organs, and regulating metabolic activity such as temperature and water balance. It is subject to ageing, just like every other organ system of the body. Skin ageing includes the loss of elasticity, a reduction […]

Why PHYT’S? Why expertise counts

To develop a product that delivers what it promises to deliver, safely and consistently, does not happen overnight.  Behind the finished product consumers can trust, lie decades of know-how and expertise, and this is most particularly true when it comes to the development and manufacture of certified organic cosmetics. Imagine that one day you resolve […]

PHYT’S Decongesting and Soothing Cream for Skin Redness

All skin types can be prone to diffuse redness which usually manifest itself by  small pink patches on cheeks (rosy cheeks), nose and chin – very often with visible micro-capillaries. There is a network of delicate veins, under the skin of the face, responsible for blood circulation – they are called capillaries. These very thin […]

The three magic ingredients that make Panacee Cream your best ally in your healthy age-defying routine

Phyt’s Panacée Cream is a scientifically formulated blend of muscle relaxant with rejuvenating and firming active ingredients, all extracted from the plant world. This certified organic day & night cream brings the power of plant biodiversity to the human skin in a formula devoid of any harmful chemicals or additives. Exceptional ingredients have been used […]

Vegetable Charcoal – A Gentle Detoxifier for Oily Skin

Most likely, you’ve heard about it… charcoal is the last buzz in the beauty world and is becoming a major component in the skincare industry. It’s no wonder oily skin is the first beneficiary of this ingredient if we consider the properties of charcoal.  Vegetable charcoal goes back to ancient times Although cosmetics manufacturers seem […]

Bright boost with plant-based glycolic acid for a glowing skin

Glowing skin signifies radiant health, vitality and youth, and helps us face the world with more confidence. So, it’s no wonder humankind across all cultures and regions have been searching for ways to improve the skin’s appearance throughout the ages. There’s one technique that has consistently emerged throughout history as a top choice for rejuvenating […]

Anatomy of a Mythical Cream 

Crème Absolue has been at the forefront of age-defying cream for over 40 years and still enjoys a cult-like following in France and around the world. What is its secret? The mind and vision behind the productWe need to travel back in time, to the year 1972 and in the South of France. There, we meet […]

SOS Dry Lips!

The cold dry winter season always sees an increase in chapped lips. This is because your lips do not have oil glands, so they’re almost always exposed to the elements. People have chapped lips throughout the year, but in winter, dry air indoors, wind and cold weather outside contribute to worsening conditions and chapped lips […]

Anti-Pollution Reviderm to the rescue of urban skin

Today, the consequences of urban air pollution on skin health are increasingly recognised. Fine particles from exhaust gases and other pollutants penetrate the pores of the epidermis and cause allergies and heightened sensitivity. Unfortunately, exhaust gases only represent part of the problem: ground-level ozone, nitrogen oxides from cars, sulphur oxide and lead from industrial waste […]