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Bio-Active Slimming Treatment


Bio-Active Slimming Treatment

This treatment stimulates the burning of body fat on targeted areas of the body through massage and slimming products. After an introductory massage to relax you and unblock the lymphatic nodes, your therapist applies Booster Cafeine formulated with 5% caffeine on fatty zones. Starter Serum and Crème Lipo-Active are applied one after the other followed by a palper-rouler massage movement to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. The treatment continues with a gentle leg massage followed by the application of Gel Froid (a cooling gel with toning effect) then Crème Lympho-Active which works on fat burning and vein decongesting.


Natural Caffeine, Cinnamon

Best for : fatty areas on the body (stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, etc)
Aim : Stimulates fat burning
Duration : 1h


Stimulation of the blood and lymph systems
Activation of fat burning