Phyt's Naturo-Esthetique: a unique approach to beauty

Phyt's products and treatments have always been based on a unique concept of beauty symbolised by:

  • the natural origin of the ingredients used in all the products and treatments
  • a holistic approach combining health and beauty
  • respect of the environment in all the manufacturing stages
  • an "obsession" to avoid ingredients of synthetic origin

PHYT'S aims to provide products that meet the specific needs of each client and to create a perfect balance between beauty, sensuality, effectiveness and natural authenticity.


Beauty and sensuality

At Phyt's, beauty is synonymous with pleasure. Textures and fragrances are adapted to each product's purpose such as a velvety texture for skin that needs pampering, a lighter one for skin that needs purifying. Fragrances are plant based and can be floral, fruity or sweet and spicy.


Natural authenticity

Mother Nature provides us with beauty-enhancing gems such as plant extracts, intricate essential oil blends, phyto complexes, superior quality plant oils and a plethora of active natural ingredients. For over 40 years, PHYT'S has sourced its ingredients among the precious bounties of nature to develop certified organic cosmetics for your skin.



Drawing on its expertise, PHYT'S Research is constantly developing natural but highly active product formulas. Numerous tests carried out on products prove the validity of this alchemy between science, skin and nature. PHYT'S skin therapists bring their own expertise to reinforce the efficacy of the products. They can help you in making the right choice through skin analysis, treatments and products prescription.


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