Phytonagre for menopausal skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It acts as a physical…
18/09/2020/by catherineM

Why PHYT’S? Why expertise counts

To develop a product that delivers what it promises to deliver,…
14/09/2020/by catherineM

PHYT’S Decongesting and Soothing Cream for Skin Redness

All skin types can be prone to diffuse redness which usually…
31/08/2020/by catherineM

The three magic ingredients that make Panacee Cream your best ally in your healthy age-defying routine

Phyt’s Panacée Cream is a scientifically formulated blend…
18/08/2020/by catherineM

Vegetable Charcoal – A Gentle Detoxifier for Oily Skin

Most likely, you’ve heard about it… charcoal is the last…
13/08/2020/by catherineM

Bright boost with plant-based glycolic acid for a glowing skin

Glowing skin signifies radiant health, vitality and youth,…
29/07/2020/by catherineM

Why hyaluronic acid is the perfect hydration boost for all skin types

Hydration is a crucial component if we want our skin to look…
24/07/2020/by catherineM

Anatomy of a Mythical Cream 

Crème Absolue has been at the forefront of age-defying cream…
14/07/2020/by catherineM

SOS Dry Lips!

The cold dry winter season always sees an increase in chapped…
30/06/2020/by catherineM

Anti-Pollution Reviderm to the rescue of urban skin

Today, the consequences of urban air pollution on skin health…
23/06/2020/by catherineM

How to keep your skin healthy when wearing a protective mask?

Skin redness for some, pimples or pressure ulcers for others……
15/06/2020/by catherineM

The best treatments for your hands

Your hands tell a story and like all stories, they can reveal…
02/06/2020/by catherineM
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